You’re invited to participate in artsVest Nova Scotia!

artsVest is Business for the Arts’ national flagship program that works directly with small to mid-sized arts organizations, equipping them with in-depth training, tools and mentorship relationships. These components are thoughtfully created to build sustainable partnerships between arts and businesses and to spark sponsorship opportunities. As an added incentive, artsVest participants can apply for matching grants – for every one dollar raised in sponsorship, Business for the Arts will match it with another dollar – doubling their sponsorship opportunity. The program will continue in Nova Scotia for its fourth year from 2016-2017, providing local arts cultural organizations with:

  • Free live sponsorship training workshop
  • Individualized mentorship sessions with Canada’s top sponsorship experts
  • Peer-to-Peer training Workshops
  • Webinars, marketing and branding tutorials
  • Access to our 6-module e-Learning sponsorship course
  • A resource bank of sponsorship tools and templates

A total of $100,000 in matching incentive grants is available to selected participants who secure sponsorship from businesses throughout the 10-month program. Combined with sponsorships from local businesses, this will translate to an investment impact of at least$200,000 into Nova Scotia’s cultural economy over the period of one program year.

Learn more about artsVest Nova Scotia and how to apply – join us for our Sponsorship Workshops and Information Sessions!


Begginner/Intermediate Workshop + Information Session

Tuesday, October 25th | 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Annapolis Region Community Arts Council

396 St George St, Annapolis Royal, NS


Wednesday, October 26th | Beginner/Intermediate Workshop + Information Session


Advanced Session for Experienced Sponsorship Practitioners + Information Session


Nova Scotia Archives

6016 University Ave, Halifax, NS


Beginner/Intermediate Workshop + Information Session

Thursday, October 27th | 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Claymore Inn and Suites

137 Church St, Antigonish, NS


Beginner/Intermediate Workshop + Information Session

Friday, October 28th | 9:30 am – 1:30 pm

New Dawn Center for Social Innovation

37 Nepean St., Sydney, NS


Please note that your attendance at either the Beginner / Intermediate or Advanced Sponsorship Workshop and the Information Session is required if you intend to apply for artsVest 2016-17!

For more information please visit our event page.