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Business for the Arts
133 Richmond Street West, Suite 202,
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2L3
Phone: (416) 869-3016
Fax: (416) 869-0435

President & CEO
Nichole Anderson Bergeron

Program Director, artsVest
Claire Hefferon Payne

Creative Director
Raji Aujla

Program Manager, Mentorship
Rebecca Harrison

artsVest Consultant
Aida Aydinyan

Program Manager, artsVest Nova Scotia
Scott Burke
(902) 802-4710

Program Manager, artsVest B.C.
Kenji Maeda
(604) 619-2610

Program Manager, artsVest Saskatchewan
Wendy Thienes
(306) 294-7383

Program Manager, artsVest Alberta
Allison Moore
(403) 852-8461

Program Manager, artsVest PEI and New Brunswick
Florian Vauléon
(416) 587-2890

Program Director, Canadian Arts Summit
Shannon Litzenberger

Program Coordinator, arts & business exchange
Anthony Petroulakis

Graphic Designer & Web Developer
Karran Sahadeo

Senior Accountant
Pramila Sothinathan

Junior Accountant
Karina Kheshvajian