artsScene Toronto

What is artsScene Toronto?

Formed in 2006, artsScene Toronto is a non-profit initiative that brings together young business and creative professionals (ages 18-40) through the arts, culture and creative industries. artsScene is a national initiative made possible by Business for the Arts, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering and promoting business leadership in the arts, facilitating funding relationships and connected business volunteers to the arts. artsScene has been established in Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, and now Edmonton and Calgary.

What we believe

artsScene Toronto was started to mobilize young business and creative professionals, to play an active role in the growth of the arts, culture and creative industries in our city. Our manifesto is built around three beliefs:

  • That, strong creative and artistic communities are linked to innovative and prosperous communities.
  • That, creative, cross-disciplinary collaboration between business and the arts yield powerful results.
  • That, this is about empowering and activating our connected generation to grow our creative community.

Our events

BoardLink: Exciting speed networking event that introduces young professionals to local arts and culture boards.

Breakfast and Dinner Series: Interactive breakfast & dinner sessions to connect CEOs, arts- and community-leaders, and young professionals in small groups to explore issues and opportunities facing our creative communities, with the intent to infuse organizations with fresh energy and to identify roles for newcomers to play in shaping our cultural landscape.

artsScene Parties: Because culture is stimulating, and unpredictable, as any good party should be, we’ll mix performance and visual arts, participants and spectators, in an atmosphere we hope will go feral.

Behind the Scenes: Exclusive opportunities for artsScene members to discover the arts together and engage with artists before and after performances.

The Arnold Party: Held every fall,  this party celebrates young professionals across Canada who have chosen to give significantly of their time to the arts as volunteers.  The event is names after the Arnold Edinborough Awards, which is distributed at the BftA Awards, honouring one outstanding young professional volunteer in the arts.